Squarespace just dropped Richard Spencer's web hosting

Richard Spencer Squarespace

Neo-Nazi's officially have one less website host to use. You may have heard that earlier this week GoDaddy booted Daily Stormer, a known white supremacist hang out. Well we're happy to announce that you can add Squarespace to the list of website hosts who showed white supremacy extremists to the door. Today, Squarespace responded to a petition with the following:“In light of recent events, we have made the decision to remove a group of sites from our platform,” a representative from Squarespace said in an email. “We have given the site owners 48 hours’ notice.”This was originally reported on both CNN here and The...

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Why did President Trump 'like' a tweet about allegations of sex crimes?

45 Donald J. Trump President

 Today on Twitter a bunch of people retweeted a link to a tweet that President Trump personally clicked like on. I couldn't believe my eyes, it just gets worse and worse every day.  Donald Trump liked a tweet accusing him of sex trafficking.Just when you thought this day couldn't get more bizarre. — Laurie Crosswell 🌞 (@lauriecrosswell) August 11, 2017 That tweet? See below, or click here to view it yourself. *Updated* he has since 'unliked' the tweet.    This tweet, sent by Alexander Hamilton, shows documentation of sex crimes and signed witness statements from an article on IR.NET. I personally...

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Statement Tease: Get it out of your head and onto your chest

Statement Tease is now accepting quote suggestions for our shirts. Just click here to contact us and if we use your quote, we'll give you $50 to use in our shop!

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