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TRUMP revokes promise to protect transgender Americans and all hell breaks loose

TRUMP revokes promise to protect transgender Americans and all hell breaks loose

Today, under the cover of a major hurricane that is hitting the Texas coast, Trump formally signed a ban that excludes transgender Americans from serving in the US military. According to The Hill, the order leaves it up to Defense Secretary James Mattis to decide what to do with our current active transgender military members.

Trump claims he based the policy on a "series of national security considerations" which we all know is complete and utter horse shit. 

I think that Trumps fans may need a reminder that on the last night of the debates Trump vowed to "to protect our LGBTQ citizens of the hateful foreign ideology". If we remove the word foreign, and look at 1/3 of the country right now, we know exactly where the true hateful ideology exists. You can also review everything Trump has said about the LGBTQ community. 

Mr. Trump, until all of our citizens are treated as equals, you aren't protecting them, you are trying to erase them. According to the National Center for Transgender Equality it's estimated that 134,000 American veterans are transgender, and over 15,000 trans peopleare serving in the military today. 

I'd also like to point out that when Trump originally tweeted the now famous mention of the transgender military ban back on July 26th, that same day a warrant was executed on one of Paul Manfort's residences. Paul, is the former campaign manager who resigned because of his connection to former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. 

Many speculated that Trump was purposely stirring the pot to simmer down the heat of Mueller's investigation. Right now things are at a standstill as we await the ACLU's legal response and we will have to wait to see if today's move is yet another stir to hide the truth. 

**BREAKING NEWS #1** Trump has signed the trans military ban. 

**BREAKING NEWS #2** It seems that Trump just pardoned former Sheriff, Joe Arpaio while all of this was taking place. Joe Arpaio was accused of racially profiling Latinos and for purposefully allowing sex abuse cases to languish. 

**BREAKING NEWS #3** Sebastian Gorka has resigned from the Trump Administration. 

**BREAKING NEWS #4** Mueller issued new Grand Jury subpoenas and we are also hearing that Flynn was involved in the Hillary email scandal.  

**BREAKING NEWS #5** North Korea has just launched several ballistic missiles.

Could these be part of the reason why Trump feels the need to be a dick? No probably not, I'm sure there's more. **EDIT, there's more**

If you can't see the white supremacy in these three actions, the trans military ban, the Arpaio pardon, and Gorka being hired in the first place, you may want to check your privilege. 



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