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Why did President Trump 'like' a tweet about allegations of sex crimes?

Why did President Trump 'like' a tweet about allegations of sex crimes?

 Today on Twitter a bunch of people retweeted a link to a tweet that President Trump personally clicked like on. I couldn't believe my eyes, it just gets worse and worse every day. 

That tweet? See below, or click here to view it yourself. *Updated* he has since 'unliked' the tweet. 



This tweet, sent by Alexander Hamilton, shows documentation of sex crimes and signed witness statements from an article on IR.NET. I personally don't follow this news source and would love information on them. 


This makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. Did he accidentally like it? I doubt it, but several twitter users are now wondering what will happen next. The article says that four indictments are likely by tomorrow, I guess that Trump either has nothing to lose at this point between his Russian daddy flying his plane over his vacation home and our government building, and now this. 

The GOP followers argue that Bill Clinton committed a sex crime, but as of right now, getting some side action doesn't even come close to what 45 is accused of. 

Oh and don't forget to grab him by the impeachment, with fire and fury! 

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