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deadnames stay dead pin button

deadnames stay dead pin button

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These Custom Pin Buttons are made from metal, yet are lightweight and durable with a strong safety pin.

.: 3 sizes
.: Safety pin backing
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

Pin Info 1.25" 2.25" 3"
Diameter, in 1.25 2.25 2.99
Thickness, in 0.16 0.16 0.16

Check out our "Deadnames Stay Dead" pin button! A deadname refers to the name that a transgender person was assigned at birth but no longer uses or identifies with after transitioning. It's the name that may have been given based on the person's perceived gender at birth. When a transgender individual undergoes a process of gender transition, which may include social, legal, and/or medical aspects, they might choose a new name that aligns with their gender identity. The deadname is the name that is no longer accurate or reflective of their true gender identity.

Using a trans person's deadname can be hurtful and disrespectful, as it undermines their gender identity and can be a source of emotional distress. It's important to use the name and pronouns that a person has chosen for themselves to show respect and support for their gender identity. Respecting a person's chosen name and pronouns is a fundamental aspect of recognizing and affirming their gender identity.

Let's keep deadnames dead and remind people to respect your new name that you have chosen for yourself with our "Deadnames Stay Dead" button. The tombstone is a great metaphor of leaving the past behind and transititioning into your new fabulous life!

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