Hex The Patriarchy - DECAL
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Hex The Patriarchy - DECAL

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Hex! Hex! Hex! It’s time to take back our generation and the generations that will follow us from the misogynistic patriarchy. Teach our sisters (not just cisters) to own who they are and to NEVER give in to the patriarchy. 

Hex the Patriarchy and take back our power.

Designed by writer, speaker, activist, culture-maker, Alex P. Morgan, of the Church of Felicia. And proudly sported by people all over the world. 

Quote says "Hex The Patriarchy".  Get this same powerful design on a t-shirt here

We call these decals “4×3″ because they are printed on a 4-inch by 3-inch template. Stickers will not actually be that large, due to the spacing and how they are cut.

The artwork will be sized to approximately 3 5/8 by 2 5/8 inches.

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