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i stand with everyone who isn't an asshole tshirt

i stand with everyone who isn't an asshole tshirt

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.: 100% Airlume combed and ringspun cotton (fiber content may vary for different colors)
.: Light fabric (4.2 oz/yd² (142 g/m²))
.: Retail fit
.: Tear away label
.: Runs true to size

  S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Width, in 17.99 20.00 22.01 24.02 25.98 27.99
Length, in 27.99 29.02 30.00 31.02 32.01 32.99
Sleeve length, in 8.90 9.17 9.45 9.72 10.00 10.39

We're pleased to reintroduce our original statement tee, "I Stand With Everyone Who Isn't An Asshole" t-shirt, based on the viral meme we posted back in 2015 that was shared over a million times on Facebook and Instagram.

Standing with everyone who isn't an asshole is like stepping into a world of harmonious connection, where kindness and empathy flow like rivers of love. It's about embracing the hearts that beat to the rhythm of compassion, and uniting with those who strive for a better world filled with understanding and respect. Standing with everyone who isn't an asshole is like living in a world where people hold hands not in mere agreement, but in a celebration of diversity and unity. It's a dance of souls who recognize that our differences are what makes the world go 'round, not walls that separate us. To stand with those who aren't assholes is to embrace the power of love and acceptance, where every person has the right to exist in this great, big world.

It's an affirmation that this world can be a better place when we lift each other up. In this realm, generosity is the currency of choice, and kindness is the crown jewel. It's a sanctuary where encouragement blooms like wildflowers and laughter echoes through the valleys of celebration. To stand with people who are kind and accepting is like inhaling the sweet scent of unity and exhaling the toxins of negativity out, where the air itself seems to hum with the melodies of a thousand heartbeats resonating in harmony. 

With this shirt, you're letting everyone know that you strive for everyone to stand together, not as distant islands, but as a constellation of stars, each shining brightly in our uniqueness, yet forming patterns that tell stories of connection. Let us extend hands to those who believe in the magic of empathy, who understand that to uplift another is to elevate oneself. In a world where darkness sometimes looms, there are those who choose to stand firmly in the light, hand in hand, heart to heart. And we stand by them.

The front of the shirt proudly bears the words: "I stand with everyone who isn't an asshole, Regardless of Race, Gender Identity, Religion, Age, Marital Status, Sexual Orientation, Disability, and National Origin." This unapologetic statement encapsulates our commitment to a world where differences are celebrated and kindness is king.

Rise boldly, raise your voice, take up space, and let your clothing radiate your words for a world where every individual is honored with the reverence and honor they deserve. Get the "I Stand with Everyone Who Isn't An Asshole" t-shirt today and transform into a guiding light, illuminating the path towards a future brimming with unity and concord.

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