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love who you are pin button

love who you are pin button

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These Custom Pin Buttons are made from metal, yet are lightweight and durable with a strong safety pin. 

.: 3 sizes
.: Safety pin backing
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

  1.25" 2.25" 3"
Diameter, in 1.25 2.25 2.99
Thickness, in 0.16 0.16 0.16

This is the game-changer in self-love gear – the "Love Who You Are" pin button! This isn't your average pin; it's a powerhouse of confidence, a style revolution that demands attention. Imagine bold, unstoppable lettering against a white backdrop that screams individuality – that's the "Love Who You Are" button for you. Pin it to your outfit, secure it to your bag, or make a bold statement on your cap – wherever it lands, it's a magnet for admirers, a must-have for anyone who's ready to own their unique vibe.

Use it as your daily reminder to flaunt your quirks, embrace your journey, and love the incredible person you've become. And hey, why keep all that positivity to yourself? Gift it to friends, family, or anyone who needs a boost of unapologetic self-love. The "Love Who You Are" pin button is your secret weapon. Don't settle for ordinary when you can stand out with this confidence-charged accessory. So, don't just wear a pin – wear a proclamation. Grab yours now and let the world know: self-love never looked so damn good!

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